I thought it would never happen, but my wife has finally allowed the switch to Vista Media Center, after many years with XP Media Center.  Hooray!

This happened because XP Media Center started to commit suicide daily, losing channels and rebooting for no reason.  (I hope this wasn’t due to hardware)

Her original objection was that she found Vista too “confusing”.  I worked out this came down to the font size.  Increasing this increased the accceptance level markedly.

Anyway, Vista seems to be behaving itself really well…..so let’s see what happens.

I used the program vmcd to set the video codec to “Cyberlink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD7)” which appears to be working really well.  I’m not game to change it at the moment.

Just briefly I must say that I’m very impressed with Vista and it’s performance (I have done lots of tweaking).  With features such as Readyboost and automatic defragmentation, I hope the future is bright.