We’ve had a problem for the last few months in media center where the first channel we switch to on "My TV" has normal video but double speed sound.   We describe this as the "chipmunk" effect.  This also happens for some DVDs.  I suspect this happens the "first time" video is shown after the computer is booted.

It doesn’t happen with music or videos, so I’m assuming it’s some problem with the mpeg2 codec.  (The codec used for DVDs and digital TV).

Well not the codec exactly, for if I switch codecs using DECCHECK exactly the same problem happens.

I suspect that the problem is related to the NVIDIA codec trial expiring ages ago.  (I have subsequently bought the codec and it works fine…except for this problem, which I don’t think is specifically related to the codec)

The problem doesn’t happen when I used Media Player to play a video, so  it seems to be a media center specific problem.


I haven’t been looking for a solution (until now) as the novelty value still hasn’t worn off.  (For some reason my family still finds this hilarious)


I haven’t been able to find a solution to this problem.   Has anyone else experienced this problem?