My Windows Xp computer’s (file) explorer crashed randomly (seemingly) if there were AVI files from my Canon A700 digital camera.  This happened in thumbnail view.

Why does this happen?

I discovered this happens because theres  a faulty video “codec” (a type of software that decodes video) on your system.


To stop explorer crashing (which is VERY annoying), type this command in the run box:


(This unfortunately disables thumbnail prevew for ALL videos.  To reenable: REGSVR32 SHMEDIA.DLL)

(Microsoft KB Article  555654 discusses this workaround but does not describe this problem.)

Here’s a thread that discusses the problem:


I uninstalled the K-Lite Codec Pack (installed previously so I wouldn’t have to install the Quicktime player) and the problem was solved.

Perhaps a subsequent version of the Codec Pack fixes the problem, but this fixed the problem for me.

Because I don’t view MOV files too often anymore I’ll probably install the official Quicktime Player later.